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Young Designers: Partnership to grow sales and receive business support press Dec 22, 2023

As a Young Designer or as a Fashion start-up Brand, you know you are facing 3 critical challenges:

1. Getting the product right

2. Building a business and not a hobby 

3. Making sales and generating a profit

After 25 years in the business of fashion, we understand and we know all the efforts...

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Retail - How to increase your margin by 43% for this AW2023! press retail Jun 02, 2023

If you can put your hand on your heart and say that you’re totally happy with the profit your retail business is making, then congratulations, you must be one in a million!

We regularly run Retail workshops at GFM and we have delivered one every season for many years at Who’s Next in...

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GFM - How we impact your business and generate more sales and peace of mind. press May 14, 2022

We have assisted and worked with hundreds and hundreds of Brands and Retailers and we have seem the challenges you have go through.
We have seen too many Designers losing their savings, friends and family money despiute having a great products as some people will sell them what their business DOES...

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Happy New Year to you and the family press Jan 01, 2022

Our commitment to the Fashion Industry does not change with time, it gets only stronger and better.

We service Fashion Brands, Retailers and the other stakeholders as we believe that our purpose is to ensure that nobody stays on the side of the road.
We will ensure you reach your goals.


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