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GFM's 2024 - 2025 Government programme:
Helping you to create jobs and global sales.
Working with your Fashion talent to  build exports.

Fashion is a trillion dollar Industry and your Fashion stakeholders and Designers could play a much bigger role in it.
We have the knowledge, skills, processes, tools and contacts to make it happen.

Fashion ticks the 4 boxes that Governments from all around the world are looking for in terms of economic and social growth. 
 Working together we can build a brighter future for your country.

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Context and challenges

Governments from countries including the UK, France, Peru, Singapore … invest in promoting their Fashion Industry and funding trade shows, fashion shows and other similar events in the world's Fashion Capitals to promote their fashion exports.

While this helps their Designers to a certain extent (money is sometimes made available to them to help with export costs), the real challenge faced by Fashion Designers is the need for a fuller understanding of the business of fashion.

Today, it is not enough to simply have a great idea, we also need great execution skills.

Success (and on-going export revenues at a tradeshow or fashion show) isn’t built by just attending the event, it is built upon the 3 to 6 months of careful pre-event preparation alongside great implementation skills and constant critical thinking.

Let's work together to create more jobs and revenues for the wider community and help your country to shine on the international stage.  

The Fashion Industry ticks all 4 boxes and will help your country shine

Like no other sector, Fashion consumers are eager to share their purchases on social media, increasing awareness not just of the brand in question but also of the country where the brand is based.

Financial Inclusion

Enabling every Designer to earn a living for him/herself as well as the family and community at large.

Trade Agenda

Building domestic and mostly international sales and foreign currency for the country.

Regional & Stakeholders Integration

Creating and strengthening regional exchanges and building a strong eco-system (manufacturers, brands, retailers,...).

Gender & Diversity Equality

Whatever your gender, origin, we value you and the creativity you bring. We will help you grow and expand.

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GFM Founder Thierry Bayle
discusses how Fashion can impact the fortunes of your country.

Elevate your Nation on the world map thanks to Fashion and the creative industries.

Our objectives - Create global and profitable Fashion Brands

By better understanding the vision and goals that your Government has set up for the next few years, we will be able to propose solutions to include some or all of the points below

  • Building a strong Creative / Fashion Industry
  • Creating a fashion hub across the country and make it a destination for regional Designers and stakeholders (fashion, music, movie...)
  • Bringing together the various Fashion stakeholders to provide longevity and a real return on investment – Raising the profile and sales of artisans, start-ups and established brands …
  • Leveraging the manufacturing base to allow the country's creativity to go global
  • Bringing training, support, guidance and mentoring (on-going) to the designers
  • Building a database of trade buyers before Designers exhibit at a trade show/fashion week - This will provide a guaranteed ROI to your trade show investment 
  • Delivering valuable business content (seminars, workshops, masterclasses, online courses…)
  • Identifying the top key indicators to monitor progress and make changes – At GFM, we are process & results driven
  • …

Unlike other organisations, we have worked with all the fashion stakeholders across different continents from young Designers to International Fashion Brands, so we always have a holistic and 360-degree vision.

Today, even taking an order is not good enough, we still need to have the right shipping terms and payment terms and know how to get paid! Success is about products, people and processes and looking at every piece of the puzzle (products, management, sales, marketing, admin, funding, finance, logistics, manufacturing, management of partners….).

We look forward to building a long-term relationship and developing your fashion industry powerhouse globally.  

The top 3 Programme options are ... 

Trade Show 101 Programme

Brands will receive an action plan to deliver before, during and after the show. They will have access to an expert/mentor/interim manager before, during and after the show.
Brands will significantly increase the number of orders they take during the show.
Even at their first show they will be able to take 5-30 orders, depending on their level of commitment and work. We can join them in the execution of one or all the trade show tasks. 

Meet the Buyers Programme

Brands will receive an action plan and to do list to connect, convert and receive repeat orders from buyers.
The programme will allow them to individually connect with 20-200 targeted buyers.
Every brand will be knowledgeable about the marketing tools, sales techniques, leadership skills & mindset to turbo-boost sales tomorrow by themselves.
They will own the art and science of connecting with and converting buyers.
We can organise the meetings whether digitally or face to face. We can set up the appointments for you or alongside your team or create a dedicated show between your exhibitors and buyers.

International Sales Booster Programme

This programme has a unique approach and proven methodology to grow a business, with a priority on sales.
Every brand understands that selling is not just about the product.
We need to have the skills, knowledge and experience to manage the enablers of sales such as project management; marketing; logistics; payments; operations; digital marketing; leadership and the mindset of the business owner/designer.
This programme is a global programme and shows the clear differences between exporting to, for example, the US and Europe.
If required, we can join the brand in the implementation phase.
Brands see us as a trusted advisor and a chief of operations.


All the programmes can be delivered digitally or face or face (or a mix) subject to the pandemic’s travel restrictions if any.
All programmes can be delivered to a selection of Brands (5/10/15) or to several hundreds of Brands if we do it the training and mentoring online.

With the digital footprint we have taken before the pandemic, we are equipped to bring weekly or monthly business of fashion value to your exporters with a hands-on approach and of course focusing on sales.
It is not just about advice.
It is not just about training, consulting and sharing experience.
It is about applying immediately a strategy, action plan, tools and processes to get the job done (ie focusing on sales) at each working session we do.

Today we can create a 3/6 or 12-month programme that will create long-term transformation in the way the exporter’s business is managed daily.
To set up a long-term success, we need to discuss sales as well strategy, operations, management, marketing, logistics, payment, funding, leadership, mindset …

Testimonial from Jason Lindsay from Inves TT – Trinidad and Tobago
"It has been a pleasure working with Thierry & Rachid from Global Fashion Management. They were available at all times and their work has exceeded our expectations. They went the extra mile to fine tune the programme onsite for the benefit of our young Designers.
I would strongly recommend using Global Fashion Management for any Fashion workshop or masterclass. They bring energy and excitement to their presentation and we had excellent feedback from all attendees at the “Boost your brand” Fashion Masterclass."

Investment: Starts from US$5000 unless we are organising a one-off event. We can easily travel to a UK trade show or internationally and deliver a workshop or masterclasss from 1 hour, a full day or even a whole week.

Who is Global Fashion Management

GFM is an international Fashion business consultancy with over 25 years’ experience. GFM focuses on Brand and Retail management and will join the Client from strategy to execution. The Founder, Thierry Bayle, has managed companies in London and New York. He has worked with all the fashion stakeholders and the functions in the company.
GFM can give you a 360° analysis of your challenges and opportunities. We will help you build up global Brands at wholesale and retail levels. We act as operations improvement specialists.

Within the frame of this project, we wish to transfer skills in addition to bringing export revenues. This will mean that Fashion Brands will be able to grow in Europe, the USA and beyond. They will understand the process and how to deliver it consistently.

The experience we share has been developed when working with established brands as well as young designers:

Akong London, Chantal Simard, Calvin Klein, Cocoa Cashmere, DKNY, IKKS, Ken Okada, Kenzo, Lipsy, Monnalisa, Moschino, Paule Ka, Pomodoro, Sergio Rossi, Soluna Jewellery, Vendula London, Versace … but also government agencies like BIFF&BIL/DITP, Inves Trinidad & Tobago, KOTRA, UK DIT … and trade shows like Magic, Moda UK, Pure … and Who’s Next where we acted as Retail & Brand Expert.

As we work alongside Advisory & Mentoring, we can also introduce highly experienced mentors and experts to the Fashion brands who will be looking for on-going support and guidance.