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101 Golden Rules for Sales Success in the USA

Whether it is your 1st time in the USA or you have some experience, this bespoke workshop will leave no stone unturned. We are committed to supporting your sales growth as well as helping you avoid the costly mistakes your competition has made.

What is included in this workshop:

  • Questionnaire pre-delivery
    Objective: Understand your Brand, your goals, strengths and weaknesses and the opportunity to add bespoke content…

  • A full presentation of the USA (91- slide presentation) including
    * market,
    * stakeholders,
    * top opportunities and key challenges,
    * top 10 mistakes made by the competition,
    * top 10 profit opportunities,
    * market positioning, pricing 
    * logistics (DDP…) and payment terms
    * sales pitch to deliver to buyers (connect and convert) to ensure a successful trade show or event (before, during and after the show)
    * working effectively with sales reps
    * duty optimization – Saving up to 15 to 30%
    Objective: You must have a holistic approach to the US market across every business model, stakeholders and projects you will possibly deliver. By being aware of what is possible or not possible, you will be ready at all times. 
    American buyers or agents can be impatient and you need the answer even before they ask the question.

  • Business templates
    Objective: To save you time and ensure you sound and look American

  • Contacts
    Objective: Start building your address book and facilitate your initial steps in the USA. Having a lawyer and logistics company in the address book is important!

  • Follow up … To be organized flexibly with you (from 30 days to 3 months)
    Objective: To ensure you fine tune your strategy and operations 


Did you read our USA guide already - Discover the top 10 tips here.

USA Bespoke Workshop - 2 options
We offer 2 programmes to fit your budget and the support your Brand requires.

Option 1: Half Day excluding the preparation/ questionnaire and follow up.
Investment: £450 (excluding travel fees-expenses if any)

Option 2: Full day excluding the preparation/ questionnaire and follow up
Investment: £720 (excluding travel fees-expenses if any)

We welcome your call or email to ensure you understand our experience, values and approach to make this workshop transformational for you and your business.

Top tips:
* We highly recommend that the relevant heads of department join the workshop on the areas they cover. 
* We recommend that the workshop be divided in 2 or more sessions to allow each participant to "sleep on" the ideas and action plan we will discuss so that you strike gold on your first action plan in the US market. Clients have valued this approach. 

Make sure you check the testimonials below as well as the case studies so that you can see the sales booster effect as well as the savings you will make in the thousands!


Register for the half day bespoke workshop.
Pay £ 450 instead of £720 - Limited time offer.

GFM Clients

Angel Eye, Bio-Eco, Emily and Fin, Enugo, IKKS, Lipsy, Paule Ka, Penfield, Pomodoro, Rita Lagune, Smalto, UK DTI, WeAreThought (Brainstree), What Katie Did ...

Discover our case studies.
Opportunities to save thousands of dollars and
opportunities to boost sales!

Who is Global Fashion Management

GFM Founder, Thierry Bayle has represented the Magic Show and has set up a business in New York and managed over $40 Million. He knows what other don't know.

A client said: "Learn in less than one day what other Brands have failed to do for over 5 years".

If you join us for the USA Bespoke Workshop, your speaker and expert will be GFM Founder.

For over 25 years, he has worked every month with Brands and Retailers (from independent stores/ specialty boutiques to Department Stores) as well as all the other stakeholders from sales reps, distributors, lawyers, accountants, logistics, credit management, trade shows, retail consultants, digital marketing companies ...

He will act ac a Growth and Change Accelerator and bring critical thinking to your business whether you want to build sales at wholesale or retail. He works as easily with the CEO/ Executive team as he does with front line staff to ensure that together we get the job done.

Benefit from his extensive network in the USA and worldwide.

Even if you have been successful in your home country, the US operates differently and the differences with Europe for example are huge.

We know a Brand who was very knowledge and having done European trade shows for over 15 years and totally failed on their first show in the USA.

We know a Brand who picked up 10 orders at the Magic show and none were shipped and invoiced!

All those events can be avoided. 

The guide will help you beat the competition.

Register today - Half Day Bespoke Workshop
Pay £ 450 instead of £ 720 - Limited offer
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