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USA Bespoke Workshop

£ 450

Top benefits

  • Bespoke Workshop - Content to fit your goals / needs
  • Questionnaire pre-delivery
  • Full presentation - over 90 slides (market, stakeholders, profit opportunities, selling, sales techniques, logistics, credit management, marketing tools, duty optimization ...). We turn every stone in your business!
  • Business templates
  • Contacts in the USA
  • When time allows, implementation of key tools, processes,  calling contacts or acting as "interim manager" 
  • Follow up - at 30 or 90 days
  • Normal price £720 (VAT incl.)
BUY NOW - £450
(Save £270)

USA Bespoke Workshop
(full day)

£ 720

Top benefits

  • Everything included in the half-day
  • Time used to identify the right priorities
  • Time to identify the right tasks before, during and post-trade show or event
  • Time to speak in real time while you are at ta trade show or US event
  • Example of work done (recommendation, drafting or implementing): key marketing materials like lookbook, line sheet, price list, T&C, order form, sales email to buyers; logistics and credit management solutions; contracts,  agreements or procedures; database of buyers ...
  • Both workshops delivered digitially or face to face (travel expenses apply)
  • Normal price £1100 (VAT incl.)
BUY NOW - £720
(Save £380)

GFM Clients

Angel Eye, Bio-Eco, Cocoa Cashmere, Emily and Fin, Enugo, IKKS, Lipsy, Miss Bibi, Mr Quintessential, Paule Ka, Penfield, Rita Lagune, Smalto, UK DTI, WeAreThought (Braintree), What Katie Did ...

Discover our US case studies and how they will benefit your business.

Who is Global Fashion Management

GFM Founder, Thierry Bayle has represented the Magic Show and has set up a business in New York and managed over $40 Million. He knows what other don't know.

A client said: "Learn in less than one day what other Brands have failed to do for over 5 years".

If you join us for the USA Bespoke Workshop, your speaker and expert will be GFM Founder.

For over 25 years, he has worked every month with Brands and Retailers (from independent stores/ specialty boutiques to Department Stores) as well as all the other stakeholders from sales reps, distributors, lawyers, accountants, logistics, credit management, trade shows, retail consultants, digital marketing companies ...

He will act as a Growth and Change Accelerator and bring critical thinking to your business whether you want to build sales at wholesale or retail. He works as easily with the CEO/ Executive team as he does with front line staff to ensure that together we get the job done.

Benefit from his extensive network in the USA and worldwide.

Even if you have been successful in your home country, the US operates differently and the differences with Europe for example are huge.

We know a Brand who was very knowledge and having done European trade shows for over 15 years and totally failed on their first show in the USA.

We know a Brand who picked up 10 orders at the Magic show and none were shipped and invoiced!

All those events can be avoided. 

The guide will help you beat the competition.

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