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101 Golden Rules for Sales Success

Learn in less than 30mn what other businesses
have failed to learn in over 5 years.

Serious about getting up to 30 orders at your next trade show in the USA?
Committed to work hard to build a $1 million business?

USA Sales 101

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The US represents a market of 330 million people and you can build up a $1 Million business whatever your niche market.

We discovered a Brand selling over $2M to the Korean community in Los Angeles.
We discovered a womenswear contemporary Brand selling over $2M around the Midwest.
We discovered a Brand doing over $1M selling hats to the black ladies going to church in the south of the US ...

You can make it as soon as you are keen to discover the market, understand your audience, prepare yourself and the business and set it up right from the start. The rules are easy especially if you remain open minded.

Let's have a conversation and let us show you how we can help you go from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow.

Are you overwhelmed and looking for guidance? We can help.
Are you confused by so much conflicting noise? We can show you the red flags and the green flags.
Are you looking to get more orders, more repeat sales from trade buyers or consumers? We can help and show you how to do it more effectively.

We work with Young Designers, SMEs and established Brands and we know what it takes to succeed.
GFM Founder, Thierry Bayle, has set up a business in New York, has managed over $40M and has worked with all the stakeholders in the USA. 
He has represented the Magic Show, has personally handled the relationship between Brands, Retailers (specialty boutiques and department stores) and Sales Reps / distributors and has also visited the other shows (Coterie, D&A, WWIN ...). 
He can act as your trusted advisor and chief operating officer or both. He can guide you and work with you all the way. He will improve your operations so that you avoid making the mistakes your competition has done. You will save thousands of dollars and turbo boost sales.
He can further join you at a meeting, trade show or more.

UK Designer, Parveen stated: "GFM's US Workshop is the Rolls Royce of Fashion information on the US market"
This little investment will give you an immediate learning curve and will help you beat your competition.
For a limited time, after our call, you are and will be offered a USA Bespoke Workshop coming with our label "Satisfaction Guaranteed". Ask for it.

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It is like having your own C.O.O in the room.
We give advice and we take action on your behalf.

Our USA Workshop Clients

Angel Eye, Bio-Eco, Emily and Fin, Enugo, IKKS, Lipsy, Paule Ka, Penfield, Rita Lagune, Smalto, UK DIT, WeAreThought/ Braintree, What Katie Did ...

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Betsy, Designer - Austria
"He is extremely knowledgeable on the fashion industry and not only does he offer great advice, he also asks intelligent and useful questions that make you think.
I have come to him for feedback on my business on numerous occasions, and he has always encouraged me to go beyond my initial inquiry, and to look more broadly for solutions.
He pushes you to look at the bigger picture, at the actions that will sustain your business, and make it grow and become relevant."

Marguerite, Designer - UK
"This is a service I recommend to everyone who wants to accelerate and take their business more seriously to the next level. Highly recommended."

Alice, Designer - Uruguay
"I like the honest and analytical look, the treatment of varied topics such as costs, places of sale, brand positioning, focus on the product ... Everything is super important, and I appreciate the comments being honest, timely & practical. I want to thank you again for all your advice. During the 1-2-1 meeting I left with A LOT to think & restructure. Now, I know where the dangers are."

Geraldy, CEO - Norway
"I really enjoy working with him, he challenges me on the way I run the business and the mentoring is helping me make it more effective and profitable. He makes me see things through different eyes. I would 100% validate his logic and advice."

Parveen, Designer & CEO - UK
I have known Thierry for many years and can honestly say you will be learning and working with someone who has enormous knowledge of every aspect of business growth and he has the top contacts to support and grow your brand world wide. He is a genuine personality with no airs and Grace's and will help take you to the top of your ladder much sooner than you would have thought possible."