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Would you like less noise around you?
Would you like to spot the wood from the trees?
We can help.

We have been noticing that for over 25 + years. 
We have seen people like you and companies like yours not able to grow despite having a great product.
As the mistakes are the same season after season, we know we can create a positive impact.
We prefer NOT to work with you than giving you a lie.
Learn in less than 1 day what other Brands and Retailers have failed to learn in over 5 years!
Start discovering today the truth about the Fashion Industry and the stakeholders.
Together, let's build a global and profitable business focusing on what you like to do best.

Global Fashion Management:
who are we?


We are Trusted Advisors, Mentors and Business Coaches, practically showing you and your team how to monetise your business across all stakeholders and functions in the company.

GFM is an International Business of Fashion Expert focusing on Brand and Retail Management through Operations Improvements. Clients see us as their "Chief Operating Officer". We will help you execute the plan whatever it takes.

We solve your challenges, we identify and help you grab the opportunities and reach your business goals.
Clients see us a critical, creative and strategic thinker. 

Our values are about honesty & transparency.

We share over 25 years' experience gained from working with Designer Brands, including:
Calvin Klein, Kenzo, Monnalisa, Moschino, Paule Ka, Sergio Rossi, Smalto, Versace...

We also work with many other brands and Young Designers, such as: 
Akong London, Cocoa Cashmere, IKKS, Jianhui, Lipsy, Majdan Rocks, Penfield, Pomodoro, Vendula London, What Katie Did ...

We have represented the USA MAGIC Show and worked for several years with Paris Trade Show Who's Next, where GFM's Founder Thierry Bayle was one of  the resident Experts.

We have also worked with the various Fashion stakeholders such as manufacturers, PR, web, credit management ... so that you can have the business insight straight away and Clients confirm this has saved them thousands of $£€.

Imagine how much time and money you will save when we share with you from day one:
1. The Golden Rules for Success,
2. The mistakes/failures other Brands have made,
3. International Best Practice.
4. "Doctor" Fashion's holistic approach and our ability to ask all the right questions. Our prescription will be sustainable over time, unlike many short term solutions which Clients tell us they have received from others.

Frequently asked questions
Why GFM stands out? Why will you be better off?

Change and progress are
the only ways to success.


Turbulent times will not bring you down.
Covid19 will not beat you!

We will not let you down.
We stand by your side. Always!

In a constantly changing environment, change is the key to success.

We must revisit the way we work and focus on achieving progress with manageable steps.

GFM will help you set up the right foundations and will accompany you on the journey to building your profitable and global Fashion Brand & Retail-Online business.