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They are NOT education content, they help you grow sales in a practical way, make better decisions and have the expert by your side.

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To all start ups ... 

As a Start up or Young Designer, check below a second resource you will appreciate.

For Young Designers committed to building a profitable business

Questions for you.

  1. Are you a young/ emerging Designer, start up company or driven student who wants to build a business and not a hobby?
  2. Serious about building a global and profitable fashion project?
  3. Are your sales below £ 750 000?
  4. Do you have less 10 staff members (part time / full time)?

Then, our Online Courses platform with the London Fashion Business Academy may be a great place to start, make your dream a reality and help you achieve your goals.

Remember our saying:
Never assume we will say no, always assume we will say yes!

Clients know we ring real value and a fresh perspective on the opportunities and challenges they face.
We want the same for you.
We have worked with International Designer Brands and SMEs and yet we are passionate about helping Designers like you and we have done it with hundreds of them.

We will deliver what a client told us one day:
"You care more about my business than I do".
Why did the client say that?
"You can see the green flag where I see a red flag. You see the red flag where we see the green flag."

We will demonstrate that on the first meeting.

If you do NOT want to hear the truth about the industry and the stakeholders then we are NOT the right trusted advisor for you. That is ok.

The door remains open when the moment is right.


Then jump on your phone, WhatsApp or zoom and let's get you moving towards where you want to be for this year and next year.

Together, we are stronger.

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