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July 13th 2024
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1. How to create the ideal roadmap to reach your 2024 goals 
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Free Monthly Webinar to help you build sales effectively. Access a live expert when you need it the most.

Welcome to our community of fashion entrepreneurs from start-up to well established brands!
As a start-up in the fashion industry, you face a range of challenges and questions as you launch and grow your brand. That's why we've created a space where you can ask any business question and receive expert advice from experienced professionals.

Whether you're wondering how to differentiate your brand, how to connect with your target audience, or how to manage your finances, our team of fashion experts is here to help. With years of experience in the fashion industry, our experts have seen it all and can provide personalised advice tailored to your unique needs.

By joining our community, you'll gain access to a wealth of knowledge and resources that can help you take your fashion start-up or established brand to the next level. Whether you're just getting started or you're looking to expand your business, our experts are here to support you every step of the way.

So don't wait - join our community today and start asking your most pressing fashion business questions!

Speaker: Thierry Bayle. Founder of Global Fashion Management. He will be acting as
  1. Your own "non-executive director".
  2. Your own chief operating officer. 

The experience he will share comes from the advice/ work done with international Brands (Alberta Ferretti, Calvin Klein, DKNY, Hugo Boss, Kenzo, Monnalisa, Moschino, Parah, Sergio Rossi, Smalto, Versace...), SMEs and hundreds of start ups and young designers. 

Imagine how this will impact your bottom line!

Date: July 13th 2024 - 11am GMT+1  (UK Summer Time)
Topic: We will answer  to all the questions that have been sent to us.

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You can also call the office number on +44 20 3290 4677.
The webinar takes place every second Saturday of the month at 11am GMT+1 during the UK summer time. 
The other dates are:  August 10th, September 14th ... at 11am GMT+1   ...  Check the dates regularly.
Every month and for free, we will address top opportunities and challenges as well as we will answer the questions received the previous month.  Receive the answers and the advice you need to set up and grow your business.

Speaker - Thierry Bayle - Founder of GFM

Thierry is the founder of Global Fashion Management & the London Fashion Business Academy. He brings over 25 years' international experience in the business of fashion working every month with Brands and Retailers. He is very familar with all the stakeholders and functions in the company.
His knowledge and expertise are your knowledge and expertise. If you are ready to take it on-board, he is ready to share it with you.

Every piece of advice can easily save your Brand or retail business hundreds and very often thousands of dollars. It can also take away the pressure or stress associated with some challenging decisions you have to make every week. Finally, it can boost your sales by 10/ 20 or even 100% when he shares a new idea and you implement this idea consistently over the next 6 to 12 months.

Do you agree with his quote when he says:
"Fashion success is no more about what you know, it's about what you don't know".

Clients see him as a critical and creative thinker. He is a problem solver and an operations improvement specialist.

His expertise comes from having worked with company like Alberta Ferretti, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Monnalisa, Moschino, Sergio Rossi, Smalto, Versace ... as well as many SMEs and Young Designers most probably just like you and your business.
He represented the Magic Show (Informa - Coterie, Project, Sourcing) in Las Vegas and acted, before the pandemic, as retail and brand expert for the international Paris based Trade Show Who's Next.

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Tel +44 20 3290 4677 / WhatsApp - Intl Team +44 7951 198 769

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Nadia, Designer - UK

"Thierry is the person you can trust."

Marguerite, Designer - UK

"This is a service I recommend to everyone who wants to accelerate and take their business more seriously to the next level. Highly recommended."

Iwona, Designer - UK

"Appreciated the work done and continuous support that I received. Approachable, friendly and super professional. I recommend you use them if you are serious and willing to be challenged in how to better manage your business."

Parveen, Designer - UK

"I have known Thierry for many years and can honestly say you will be learning and working with someone who has enormous knowledge of every aspect of business growth and he has the top contacts to support and grow your brand world wide. He is a genuine personality with no airs and Grace's and will help take you to the top of your ladder much sooner than you would have thought possible."

Jason, Inves TT - Trinidad

"It has been a pleasure working with Thierry & Rachid from Global Fashion Management. They were available at all times and their work has exceeded our expectations. They went the extra mile to fine tune the programme onsite for the benefit of our young Designers.
I would strongly recommend using Global Fashion Management for any Fashion workshop or masterclass. They bring energy and excitement to their presentation and we had excellent feedback from all attendees at the “Boost your brand” Fashion Masterclass."