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RETAIL: A 360° Trusted Advisor and Chief of Operations
Our commitment: you will not pay for our advice if you cannot see value!

We help you increase sales, customer traffic and boost profitability.
We also reduce the number and levels of the mistakes retailers make as we can share the errors your competition has made in the past.

Have your own trusted advisor and chief of operations with an expertise in buying, merchandising, building a team, digital marketing, break even analysis, cash flow projection, business plan, staff training, recruitment, selecting the right partners, launching your new store, leadership, mindset ...

Buying & Merchandising

Alongside our partners, we provide you with an accurate and proven algorithm to deliver a high tech, high touch open to buy / merchandise plan that will leave your competition behind.
*Reduce your average stock level by up to 30%
*Increase sales by up to 25%
*Improve profitability by up to 43%
*Have a 3 to 10 times return on investment

Our US partners has over 30 years experience in delivering an OTB plan. 
Ask for a free and informal meeting and see the impact we will bring whether you are opening a new store or looking to improve traffic, sales and cash flow in your retail operations.

A one-stop shop to cover
all your needs to set up and scale up your retail store 

We have a 360 degree and holistic approach to your store across all functions and stakeholders.
Don't take our word for it, give us 15 to 30 minutes on the phone/zoom and you will see the impact. 

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Article: How to turbo boost your margin

Discover how to increase gross profit by up to 43% (blog post). The solution relies on better managing buying and merchandising.

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Retail questionnaire

Our #1 document clients and prospects love. It opens may doors the retailer forgot to open.

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physical or online store

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