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Are you a fashion retailer looking for a dedicated partner to streamline your buying processes and enhance your retail offerings? 


Look no further! At Global Fashion Management (GFM), we operate as your comprehensive Fashion Buying Office, providing end-to-end solutions that go beyond traditional sourcing.

What We Do:

1. Merchandise Selection:

  • While you decide what's right for your store, we help you discover the right brands and fashion products to captivate your customers. Our merchandise planning insights ensure that your collections remain fresh and appealing.
    We work with branded goods as well as private label opportunities therefore increasing substantially your mark-up.

2. Supplier Negotiation:

  • Negotiating favorable terms with suppliers is our forte. We secure competitive prices, optimal quantities, and dependable delivery schedules, maximising your profitability.

3. Merchandise Planning:

  • We offer merchandise planning services, including open-to-buy planning on a monthly basis if needed. Our data-driven approach ensures that your stock aligns perfectly with customer demand. Alongside our partner, we bring over 30 years delivering such OTB plan.

4. Management, Leadership, and Mindset:

  • Our support doesn't stop at sourcing. We provide invaluable guidance in management, leadership, and mindset to help you grow your fashion business. From strategic planning to performance optimisation, we're your trusted advisors.

Why Choose GFM:

  • Expertise: With decades of experience in the fashion industry, our team possesses deep knowledge and insights that set you up for success. We work alongside international experts to cover the areas that matter to you including business and trends like sustainability, AI and others.¬†

  • Negotiating Power: Our negotiation skills help you secure the best deals with suppliers, enhancing your profit margins.

  • Strategic Planning: We work closely with you to develop a winning strategy that ensures the growth of your fashion business.

  • End-to-End Support: From sourcing to strategic leadership, we offer a holistic approach to fashion retail, making us your one-stop solution. We also bring our network to your business.

  • Proven Results: Our track record of boosting revenues, reducing costs, and optimising businesses processes will help you achieve your goals.

At GFM, we don't just source fashion products; we cultivate partnerships and provide comprehensive support to fashion brands and retailers. Let's work together to take your fashion business to new heights.


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B2B Brand Building - Critical and Creative Thinking

Thank you to SME News for the award we have received as the Greater London "Best Fashion Management and Mentoring 2021" and "Best Fashion Mentoring and Management Advisory 2022".

As we have a truly 360 degree approach of the business of fashion, imagine the power you have in your hands if we can spot the red flag and green flags before anybody else?
You will increase customer traffic, sales and profitability. You will also reduce or eliminate the mistakes your competition is making.

Relax, you are in good hands. 

Before knowing Global Fashion Management, clients have suffered from bad advice in finance, sales, marketing or have had unscrupulous suppliers or service providers. They had bought products and services the business did not need. We do not want you to feel there will be a risk when we work together whatever your size.

Buying and Merchandising Experience

Our US partner Management One has been supporting retailers for over 30 years with a monthly open to buy plan.

You can join us for monthly live seminars in central London. 
We also have webinars on demand and live webinars to share our knowledge on the work we do on merchandise planning.

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You may have seen us discussing buying and merchandising at Pure London, Moda UK or at Who's Next as GFM founder, Thierry Bayle, was acting as Retail and Brand expert for the show for many years.