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Young Designers: Partnership to grow sales and receive business support

press Dec 22, 2023

As a Young Designer or as a Fashion start-up Brand, you know you are facing 3 critical challenges:

1. Getting the product right

2. Building a business and not a hobby 

3. Making sales and generating a profit

After 25 years in the business of fashion, we understand and we know all the efforts and investments you are putting in every day

We know that you wish to stay focused on creating a beautiful design, getting the samples right and the production of the highest quality to ensure repeat orders (B2C and B2B).

You know and we know that, doing all those tasks alone is really hard work. Do you agree?

For that reason, Global Fashion Management and the London Fashion Business Academy support new and more established sales solutions such as Mashquin B2C platform.
Like us, they have the same commitment to support emerging designers and start-up brands on the business of fashion.

Register below to know more. You will be invited to attend our free business webinars to build your sales more easily this year and next year.
We had a good turnout at our last webinar and you are invited to join us on future webinars.

Discover the predictions for 2024 and the top skills your need to navigate 2024 with ease and put more money in your pocket.



1. Top 6 Ps to build a global and profitable Fashion Brand. Coming soon.

2. Start-up monthly mentoring and operations support - Investment starting from £69/ month.
Unlike any other programme, this programme will be delivered 121 for a limited time only.

After registration, make sure you email use the coupon code "MashquinVIP" for a special surprise. 
[email protected].




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