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How to find the right Fashion Mentor business of fashion mentor Apr 12, 2024

GFM works alongside the Business owners, the Designer, the investors and Operations Team to build a global Brand profitably.

We bring over 25 years' experience in the business of Fashion to ensure you remain focused on the Design of your collection and we can help you on the rest.
We have the...

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Doctor Fashion is in the room. Do you want a health check? business of fashion mentoring Oct 06, 2023

We regularly go to the Doctor's office or visit the dentist. We often send our paperwork to the accountant to finalise the balance sheet and profit and loss account.

However, let us ask you a few questions:

  1. When did you last visit Doctor Fashion?
  2. Who did a diagnostic on your Fashion Brand and...
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Pure London - Retail Buying Seminar to boost profitability business of fashion retail Dec 02, 2022

Imagine you could turbo boost your margin in your retail or wholesale business.
Would you give us 15 mins to show how you can do it effectively?

Join us at Pure London Trade Show this February 2023 (February 12th to 14th).

He will be delivering a seminar on Sunday February 12th 2023 at 11.30am:

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Ukrainian Designers receive free business advice business of fashion Mar 04, 2022

To all Ukrainian Fashion Designers.
We are united & fighting together for freedom, democracy and self determination.

You are our 2022 Heroes. You show us strength, unity and how together we are stronger.

When GFM Founder Thierry Bayle was invited to Lviv in 2019 as a guest speaker for the Inno...

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G20 in Rome - What are the Gs you need to use every day? business of fashion Nov 01, 2021

As the top 20 largest countries have met in Rome for the G20, it is our opportunity to reflect on what are the top 20 Gs you need to use and master to better manage your Fashion business.

  1. Ground
  2. Glamour
  3. Groovy
  4. Glory
  5. Gold
  6. Green
  7. Give
  8. Grab
  9. Grow
  10. Gift
  11. Garden
  12. Governance
  13. Go
  14. Global
  15. Grade
  16. Gone
  17. Grey
  18. ...
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WELCOME - Sharing over 25 years' international in the business of fashion advisor business of fashion mentor Jun 28, 2020

We are excited to sharing with you our new website.

In the turbulent times we are all facing, we needed to offer more products and services and package them to fit the needs of young designers, small and medium companies and international Designer Fashion Brands.

Together, we are stronger.

We are...

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