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Sales 101 - Mastering the Art of Connecting with Major Trade Buyers

sales Jun 07, 2024

When you look at your B2B sales performance, what do you see?

  • Are you really getting the trade buyers you want?
  • Is your market shrinking and you are open to new ideas?
  • Are you confident your team or partners are putting the right efforts to get results?
  • Are they committed to ongoing improvement and do they connect emotionally with the buyers?
  • Are you having too much stock or old stock that you need to get rid of? Let's discuss this last  question today.

The market is more challenging than ever before. In the dynamic world of fashion retail, securing partnerships with major trade buyers can be a game-changer for all brands looking to scale their business and working alongside an off price operator.

Companies like TK Maxx, with their expansive reach and diverse customer base, represent valuable opportunities for fashion entrepreneurs to showcase their products to a broader audience. However, breaking through the noise and capturing the attention of these buyers requires a strategic and personalised approach. In this blog post, we'll explore five effective strategies to connect with major trade buyers and pave the way for fruitful collaborations.

Before we do that, we must stress one exercise that over 50% of brands or retailers forget to do:

  • Are you 100% confident that you have an optimal merchandise plan or open to buy plan to know what goods, how much goods and when to bring those goods in your business so that you DO NOT end up with a stock that you have to get rid of asap - whether through TK Maxx or another discounter? 
    By having the tools available in the business* and by taking action early and regularly, you will easily save 5 to 20% discounts you will be giving away to the off price company.
  1. Research and Personalisation
    Before reaching out to a major trade buyer like TK Maxx, it's crucial to conduct thorough research to understand their buying preferences, target audience and whether they have stocked you in the past or if they have stocked your competition or similar products. Identify the specific buyer responsible for the product category you're interested in, whether it's contemporary dresses, mens suiting, vintage clothing or punk/gothic apparel. Once you have this information, personalise your outreach efforts by addressing the buyer by name and referencing their role and interests. Tailor your message to highlight how your products align with TK Maxx's brand identity and resonate with their customer base.

  2. Value Proposition - Make an irresistible offer
    Craft a compelling value proposition that clearly articulates the unique benefits and selling points of your collection and stock. Emphasise factors such as quality, uniqueness, and market appeal, demonstrating why your products would be a valuable addition to TK Maxx's offerings. Please do not forget to discuss the margin. It is a money game!
    Showcase your expertise in the specific niche, providing evidence of your track record and success in delivering high-quality goods. Offer to provide exclusive insights, training, sales support or samples that allow TK Maxx to maximise the return on investment.

  3. Networking and Referrals
    Leverage your existing and indirect network within the fashion industry to identify potential connections or referrals to TK Maxx buyers or other off price operators. Reach out to other brands and retailers, suppliers, or contacts who may have relationships with TK Maxx and can facilitate introductions on your behalf. Networking events, trade shows, and industry conferences also present valuable opportunities to connect with key decision-makers. Attend these events to establish face-to-face connections and showcase your products in person and what you stand for.

  4. Direct Outreach and Follow-Up
    Take a proactive approach to reaching out to TK Maxx buyers through direct email or LinkedIn messages. Craft concise and personalised messages that highlight your brand story, product offerings, and alignment with TK Maxx's brand values and need for a clear ROI. Follow up persistently but respectfully to ensure your message doesn't get lost in the shuffle. Use each interaction as an opportunity to build rapport and demonstrate your commitment to providing value.


    Attend Trade Shows or Events
    Identify trade shows or industry events where TK Maxx buyers are likely to be present and secure a booth or exhibition space to showcase your products. Use this opportunity to engage with potential buyers face-to-face, offering them the chance to see and touch your products firsthand. Be prepared to answer questions, provide demonstrations, and collect contact information for follow-up communication. Trade shows can be an effective platform for initiating conversations and building relationships with TK Maxx buyers.

If you are looking for more options or you prefer to have us work with you inside the business to implement those ideas within the next 30 days, give us a call or email us.

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By following one of those five strategies, your business will increase its chances of capturing the attention of TK Maxx buyers or similar buyers and securing valuable long term partnerships to bring sales and get rid of the old stock! We remain at your disposal.

*We recommend for example that you have a IT system that tracks sales and stock very accurately by product category, sub category and even maybe sub-sub category depending on your level of sales.
Have a merchandise plan that is updated weekly at the most so that you can take immediate action to either "re-order" product categories which are low in stock or take action to get rid of excess stock. 
Have a team committed to ongoing improvement and finding new ways to do things. 

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