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Are you seeking expert guidance to navigate the complexities of the fashion industry? Look no further.

Our interim COOs are here to empower your brand with strategic leadership, operational efficiency, and unparalleled expertise.


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Why Choose an Interim COO?  

Interim COOs offer flexible, on-demand leadership to address immediate challenges and drive sustainable growth. Whether you're launching a new collection, streamlining operations, or scaling your business, our interim managers bring extensive experience and a fresh perspective to propel your brand forward.

Our COOs bring immediate

  • International experience
    We can easily help you open a new market, find new agents or distributors or set up the processes and tools to succeed globally
  • Creative and critical thinking
    We have a 360° approach to the industry as we have worked with all the fashion stakeholders from start-ups to international designer brands (CK, DKNY, Kenzo, Monnalisa, Moschino, Sergio Rossi, Smalto, Versace ...). Often, within minutes of seeing something or reading a document, we can show you the green flags or the red flags
  • Collaborative approach with other experts
    The COO who works with you is never alone. He/she has access to the GFM network of professionals who have 10 to over 30 years' international experience

Benefits of Our Interim COOs 

  • Strategic Guidance: Gain access to seasoned industry professionals who can develop and execute tailored strategies to achieve your business objectives.
  • Operational Excellence: Leverage our interim COOs' expertise in optimising processes, enhancing efficiency, and minimising costs throughout your organisation.
  • Fast Implementation: Expedite decision-making and project execution with interim COOs who are ready to hit the ground running and deliver results from day one.
    The COO can organise a trade show for you, take appointments and even join you on site all around the world
  • Flexibility: Adapt to changing market dynamics and business needs with the agility of interim COOs who provide temporary support without long-term commitments.
  • Mentorship and Training: Empower your team with invaluable insights and knowledge transfer from interim COOs who serve as mentors and catalysts for professional development.

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