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Credit Management Services for Fashion Brands


GFM specialises in providing comprehensive business development support including credit management solutions specifically designed for fashion brands.

In the fast-paced and ever-evolving fashion industry, managing wholesale clients and ensuring timely payments can be a daunting task.
Our expertise helps fashion brands navigate these complexities, ensuring financial stability and sustainable growth.

Our Services

Comprehensive Credit Management

Our holistic approach to credit management includes:

  • Auditing your structure and process including client vetting and payment terms setting: After the audit phase, we will recommend a new and improved process for credit management. We will assist you in writing your own terms and conditions, specifically including retention of title clauses. This ensures legal ownership of goods remains with you until they are paid for in full.

  • Debt Monitoring and Collection: We diligently help you monitor outstanding debts and the credit status of even your largest customers. They can also represent a risk and have been for many of your colleagues (Macy, Barneys, Matches ...). Our proactive approach ensures debts are chased as soon as they become overdue, minimising financial risk.

  • Custom Payment Terms: We understand that different markets require different approaches. We help you apply tailored payment terms based on the circumstances and the countries you export to.

Key Golden Rules at Wholesale: Managing B2B Clients in a Challenging Market

Managing wholesale clients requires a strategic and informed approach. Here are some key lessons we've learned:

  • Retention of Title Clauses: Always include retention of title clauses in your terms and conditions. This legal provision allows you to retain ownership of goods until they are fully paid for, providing an extra layer of security. They may lose their effectiveness if they are not properly written!

  • Proactive Debt Monitoring: Regularly monitor the credit status of all clients, regardless of their size. Immediate action on overdue debts can prevent larger financial issues down the line.

  • Clear Credit Management Process: Establish and maintain a clear process for credit management. This includes setting terms, monitoring debts, and having a plan for dealing with late payments.

  • Flexible Payment Terms: Be open to adjusting payment terms based on the specific circumstances and markets you are dealing with. Flexibility can enhance client relationships and ensure smoother transactions.

  • External Expert Opinion: Engage a second expert opinion from outside your business. This can provide fresh insights and unbiased advice, strengthening your credit management strategy. Clients use us.

  • Pro Forma Invoicing for Late Payments: When late payments occur, consider either stopping any future shipment, switching to pro forma invoicing or taking a deposit of 30 to 50%. This can mitigate risks and ensure you receive payment before goods are shipped.

Why Choose Us?

  • Industry Expertise: With extensive experience in the fashion industry, we understand the unique challenges fashion brands face in credit management. GFM Founder has managed over $100 M.
  • Customised Solutions: Our services are tailored to meet the specific needs of your brand, ensuring optimal financial health. 
  • Proactive Approach: We believe in proactive credit management, helping you prevent issues before they arise. We will ensure that retail orders are not refused by the buyers because the brand does not know how to negotiate payment terms with a win-win approach.
  • Expert Team: Our international team of experts is dedicated to providing you with the best advice and support, ensuring your brand’s success. We can also help you work with credit management service providers (factoring, credit insurance ...).

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