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Explore the future of e-commerce, from  lead generation, customer experience, buying to sustainability.

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Masterclass Benefits for Fashion Brands and Designers


  1. 💡  Expert Guidance: Learn from the latest fashion tech people. Get digital insight you cannot easily find out there.

  2. 🎯 Effective Marketing: Discover and start implementing the best proven marketing strategies to enhance your brand's visibility and customer engagement.

  3. ♻   Focus on Sustainability: Discover how to integrate sustainability into your operations for a more eco-conscious approach.

  4. 🚀 Conversion Optimisation: Explore techniques to increase conversion rates, sales  and improve the overall shopping experience.

  5. 🔗 Supply Chain and deliver on time: Understand the critical role of the last mile in customer satisfaction and how to optimise it.

  6. 👗  Buying and Merchandising: Discover how to have the right product at the right time in the right quantity. Increase traffic and cash flow.

  7. 🌐 Global Growth Strategies: Unlock the potential of digital solutions, e-commerce strategies and sales growth opportunities. Reach new customers and expand your market presence.

Attending this masterclass will equip fashion brands with the knowledge and tools to thrive in the digital commerce landscape.


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Digital Transformation Masterclass


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Unzip the formula for success.

Discover and make your own the expert strategies that will be shared with you. 

Learn top tips to get results immediately.

This low-priced event will guarantee you a 300% return on investment or you get reimbursed. 

Expected dates: May 23rd and July 10th 2024
Duration: 4 hours
Investment: £ 190 including bonuses such as white papers, online courses, preparation and debrief post masterclass.
Normal price: £ 290. SAVING £100.

Group size: Maximum of 5 to 8 people. We want to focus on the 121 connection with each participant.

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