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  • Have you attended a trade show recently?
  • Did you invest possibly around $5 000 to $10 000 or more?
  • Have you managed to get the results you wanted?

If it did not go as well as you wanted, you are not alone.


    • Discover what drives success at a trade show
    • Understand the work to be done before, during and after the trade show
    • Have clarity on the differences between attending a show in Europe and the USA
    • Learn the top tips to take up to 30 orders at the show and learn as well the mistakes to avoid 

Register for the webinar and turbo boost your results at any trade show this year and next year.

Speaker: Thierry Bayle - Founder of Global Fashion Management and the London Fashion Business Academy

He represented the Magic Show in Las Vegas and acted as Brand and Retail expert for French trade show Who's Next. He has also visited many other shows.
He works every month with Brands and Retailers and will share how you can improve results effectively after 25 years' international experience.
He also understands the buyer/seller relationship and how to get more orders (and getting paid for them!).

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