Le Webinar Fashion que vous attendiez pour grandir pendant la pandemie

You know you have a powerful creativity that can transform the lives of the people around you and the followers you have.
You make us feel good, you enrich our lives and you make a rainy day look like sunshine.

Furthermore, in a complex and unpredictable environment, why stay alone?

If you want to go fast, go alone. (We would add "May be")
If you want to go far, go together!

Join us for a Free Webinar that will change the way you see Fashion and how easier it can be to start up, manage and scale up your Fashion Brand.

Prepare this 1 question that is holding you back and submit it.

Our 100% commitment is clear: We will answer it on the webinar or post webinar.*

Vos questions peuvent venir en Français et nous y répondrons en Français si vous le souhaitez.

Watch the Webinar and you will learn

  • The 5 top ingredients for Fashion Success
  • The 5 top Golden Rules to follow for Wholesale / B2B
  • The 5 top Mistakes to avoid for Retail / B2C
  • The 3 top Management Techniques to use in 2021

Speaker: Thierry Bayle - Founder of GFM and LFBA (London Fashion Business Academy - The #1 Platform for Business of Fashion Online Course that will never break the bank - Ask us why today). Sharing over 25 years' international experience and working with Brands and Retailers every week. Expert at international trade show Who's Next.

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