RETAIL - Operations Audit, Consulting & Execution - 4 hours

A review of your business to improve performance & cash flow.

Get a professional and unbiaised review of your retail operations.

Our experience
We share over 20 years' experience working alongside retail stores from independent, mono brand, ecommerce or chain stores.

Areas that we traditionally review:
break even analysis, cash flow projection, product classification structure, buying-merchandising or open to buy, marketing plan, staff training, social media, negotiation with Brands, business plan ...

We recommend areas of improvement and we will focus execution on the priority areas that you have also identified.

Normal Price: £ 400 + VAT                 SPECIAL PRICE: £250 + VAT

Deliverables: Powerpoint presentation together with key business templates immediately usable. Check list and top tips.

Process: We will submit a questionnaire to better understand your business and know your specific questions or concerns.

BONUS: Free meeting at a Trade Shows we visit like Pure London, Scoop, Tranoi, Vendome Luxury, Who's Next or other. 

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PS: 62% of Retail owners feel alone. We will act as a mentor, coach and sounding board.


  • Who is it for?

    • Store manager, Business owner, Brand Retail Director