Working with a 360° holistic approach & constant operations improvement state of mind

Young Designers and Start ups

You have a creative idea. Your designs are unique and you stand out from the rest of the Industry.

Success will come from being professional, delivering the business of Fashion with consistency and having a sounding board to challenge you in all the important decisions in the business.

GFM will work alongside your Team and yourself from strategy to execution. We will deliver our knowledge with honesty, transparency, energy and passion so that your business succeeds.

Over the past 25 years, we have gathered a wealth of 
tools, tips, processes and contacts to make your business succeed.

We have set up a business model which is easily affordable.
You will be surprised.

Learn more, Get more and Succeed more quickly!


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Advice and Operations

You have decided to launch your collection, your retail business or Fashion project ( fashion week, trade show, open a showroom, series of apps ...) and you understand now how challenging it is.

GFM will bring you the advice and day to day help with operations in order for you to succeed.

We cover areas such as
Business Plan
Cash flow projection & break even analysis
Identification of buyers & taking appointments with buyers
Preparing and attending Trade Shows / Fashion Weeks - domestic and international
Training from Management to front line staff
Recruiting and managing agents and distributors
Setting up the process for recruitment, motivation and managing staff and interns
Setting up the back office including logistics and credit management
Recommendation of 2/3 specialists for each partner you require ( PR, web development, logistics ...)

We are excited to work alongside yourself to build your Brand internationally and make it profitable.