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Retail Management

GLOBAL FASHION MANAGEMENT brings over 25 years' experience and works alongside
* Mono Brand stores,
* Independent Boutiques,
* Small Chain Stores,
E-Commerce businesses &
* Pop up stores
We bring Retail Clients the Fast Track to understanding what makes Retail succeed or fail. 

We work from strategy to execution, with both the Management and front line staff on
* Break-even analysis / Cash flow projection / KPIs / Vision & values & business plan
* Buying, merchandising and monthly open to buy plan if necessary
* Staff training
* Social media delivery

Even if you just have one store, you want to learn international best practice from the start.
Fixed expenses are high.
Every month when you do not perform is a month when you could be losing £5000 to £50000 in sales.

We will show you how we work to increase your sales, improve your cash flow, minimise your discounts, get more from your staff, how to better manage your events or your marketing budget...

GFM Founder, Thierry Bayle, acts as RETAIL-BRAND EXPERT for Paris Trade Show Who's Next - See him there in January and September.

Retail press & clients


Read our articles & comments in the Trade Press such as Boutique2Mode, Boutique Magazine, Drapers, Futura, MensWearBuyer, WomensWearBuyer...).

Events - Seminars

Seminars at trade shows, librairies, non for profit
Bubble, City Business Library, Moda UK, Petit Miracles, Pure London, The Source Academy, Westminster Library, Who's Next...

Acting as Retail Expert at Who's Next in Paris.

Brands we work alongside - Clients

Billabong, Camper, Collectif, CosmoParis, Michael Kors, Minelli, Ralph Lauren as well as independents like Big Fish Clothing, Culture Mode, L'Armoire, Sole2Sole, Trunk Clothiers ...