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Retail Management

GLOBAL FASHION MANAGEMENT brings over 25 years' experience and works alongside
* Mono Brand stores,
* Independent Boutiques,
* Small Chain Stores,
E-Commerce businesses &
* Pop up stores
We bring Retail Clients the Fast Track to understanding what makes Retail succeed or fail. 

We work from strategy to execution, with both the Management and front line staff on
* Break-even analysis / Cash flow projection / KPIs / Vision & values & business plan
* Buying, merchandising and monthly open to buy plan if necessary
* Staff training
* Social media delivery

Even if you just have one store, you want to learn international best practice from the start.
Fixed expenses are high.
Every month when you do not perform is a month when you could be losing £5000 to £50000 in sales.

We will show you how we work to increase your sales, improve your cash flow, minimise your discounts, get more from your staff, how to better manage your events or your marketing budget...

GFM Founder, Thierry Bayle, acts as RETAIL-BRAND EXPERT for Paris Trade Show Who's Next - See him there in January and September.

Buying / Merchandising

Improving the buying and merchandising needs to be your number 1 priority when looking to improving your bottom line.


As a multilabel store, you invest 40 to 55% of your total sales in the cost of goods sold (COGS).
As a mono brand store, you dedicate from 15 to 35% of total sales in the COGS. It can be less the more high-end your product.


Every good retailer will be using a Merchandise Plan or Open to Buy (OTB) plan to maximise cash flow, sales, profits and customer traffic.
This concept goes back to the USA in the 60's and is widely used over there both among large retailers and independent boutiques.
In Europe, the "big boys" are using it but the independent sector is left behind when it comes to opportunities for maximising how much they can take out of the business.

With our partners, we have been implementing our Merchandise Plan plan for over 25 years and today we have over 400 clients worldwide. Their Return On Investment is 3 to 10 times or more what they have invested. 
We deliver Big Data collected in Fashion for nearly 3 decades!
We are available around the world and with over 40 consultants based in the USA.
We can now forecast sales at over 90% accuracy.

CLICK HERE to improve your classification structure, the data you extract and read in your business and how to turn it into meaningful decisions which will improve cash flow and profits. Get the right dashboard that require all CEOs or Retail directors.


WHO'S NEXT - Look for us in the Experts/ Masterclass zone / Book an appointment with GFM Founder Thierry Bayle - See us every session in January & September.
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