EUROPEAN SUCCESS = Preparation & Critical Thinking / Mentoring

Become a Global Brand

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Grow in Europe/USA

USA = 320 M consumers.

You cannot ignore such a market that offers opportunities for all Brands to make a $1M and grow from there.

However mistakes do cost a lot, we have the solutions. One of our solution carries our "100% Money Back Guarantee" label.
You therefore cannot be wrong.

EUROPEAN UNION = 508 M consumers.

We work with you from Strategy to Execution. We are used to work with multi lingual staff and cross functional teams.

Build the European market

As a Brand looking to open and grow in the European Union, you are looking to tap into a market of 508 M people.
However, you will need to face different cultures, different payment terms and, whether the UK remains or leaves the EU, different currencies.

You must therefore understand the markets, have a holistic approach and be working alongside experienced people to ensure you build the foundations right from the start.

GFM will work with the Top Management, managers and front line staff to organise the strategy, action plan and the practical week to week action plan to reach the measurable goals which have been set up.

We will identify and help you recruit the right partners to set up and grow the business both at wholesale and retail levels.
We will help select the right trade shows, identify a list of targeted buyers and agents or distributors. 
Today, the Brand must have connected with the Buyers before heading to Bubble, Capsule, London Edge, Panorama, Pitti, Playtime, Premium, Pure, Scoop, Tranoi, Who's Next ...
We will build the Buyers' list for you, connect and take appointments with the Buyers.

At Retail level, we can help you draft the job descriptions, recruit, train your staff but mostly we can provide the monthly merchandise plan to get the right product in the right quantity at the right time in every store. 
With our US partner, we provide our Open to Buy plan to several hundred Retailers and Brands in the USA. With over 50 consultants in the USA, one must be close to you.

As operations improvement specialists, we will ensure your Team and partners improve everything they do.
Part of the service we offer is back up by our 100% Money Back Guarantee.
Ask for our EUROPE FASHION WORKSHOP ( delivered online or at your office).

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