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Your Designer Brand

GFM works alongside the Business owners, the Designer, the investors and Operations Team to build a global Brand.

We bring over 25 years' experience in the business of Fashion to ensure you remain focused on the Design of your collection and we can help you on the rest.

We have the expertise, the international network, the management tools, the procedures and the growing numbers of contacts (agents, distributors, manufacturers, PR companies, Boutiques, buyers...) to ensure we built up a clear vision and goals for your business.

Whether you are launching your Fashion Brand, scaling it up or need an expert or mentor for a turnaround situation, you will receive immediate help. We will not let you be alone.

Clients see us as a Growth and Change Accelerator and we are an internationally recognsed operations improvement specialist.


The Fashion Industry needs investors, business angels, venture capitalists like yourself to develop brands.

Let us do the ground work & identify the opportunities that make sense for your business. We want your money to be wisely invested and give you the ROI you deserve.

Global Fashion Management can help you 

1. by ensuring that your current or prospective investment in a Fashion business is maximised.
We will review it to make sure that you have a more secured and realistic exit strategy. We know what KPIs and numbers make sense in the Fashion Industry and we will share those with you. GFM can also act as a sounding board or interim manager to assist the Designer or Management Team to get more from the business. It is our job to ensure the stock and people give you the best return on investment both at wholesale and retail levels including the E-Commerce business.

When a brand interacts with the Fashion stakeholders (customer, buyer, department store, PR company, trade show, logistics company, credit management company, bank...) and the different functions in the company, we know when Brand value is created and when Brand value is destroyed.

2. by recommending you some Upcoming Designers or more established Brands worthy of investment.  
We will prepare the Designers and Brands to develop the business with a global reach both at wholesale and retail levels. We will recommend and stay alongside the Designers and yourself as long as necessary to ensure the business grows and meets its goals.

If you are looking to invest in a Fashion Brand or Fashion Retail business, call us.

We will ensure that the Brand delivers on its projected Return On Investment.
Growth and Change Accelerator.