RETAIL SEMINAR - London - November 13th


As a retail business owner, you have the Art – you know WHAT to buy or design.

What is sometimes more difficult is understanding the Science part of buying which is HOW MUCH to buy and WHEN to bring the goods in.
Knowing how much to buy and you will reduce discounts & knowing when to bring the goods in and you will increase sales.

If you plan to open a store or if you have a store, online business or pop-up then this interactive seminar on November 13th is for you. 

LOCATION - Westminster Library - 68 Church Street - London NW8 8EU
DAY & TIME - November 13th 2018 / 5.30pm to 6.30pm


During this seminar, you will understand the key KPI’s you need to track at retail to improve retail performance. It is applicable even if your store is very small.


Learn how to forecast sales at over 90% accuracy
Increase sales and traffic
Better cash flow
Improve margin by up to 43%
Reduce average stock by up to 30%

This will be an interactive seminar to ensure all attendees can discuss issues they have in their own business and identify solutions during that seminar.
Stay for the Q&A and come with many questions.

About the Speaker - Thierry - Founder of GFM
He has over 25 years’ experience working with Retailers every week in the UK, Europe and the USA. He shares his knowledge at key trade shows like Bubble, Moda UK, Pure London and is acting as Retail Expert at Paris show Who’s Next every season. Every month, he delivers a merchandise plan to Retail clients to help you improve the business with a 3 to 10 times return on investment.

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