Top reasons why clients love our merchandise planning winning approach

Winning @ Retail Advantage.

With our partner Management One™, we have become the Trusted Authority in Merchandise Planning and Open to Buy.

Clients' benefits
Have the right product at the right time in the right quantity.
Forecasting sales at over 90% accuracy.
Reduce average stock level by up to 30%.
Constant critical thinking to grab growth opportunities.
Improvement of the Retail KPIs

KPI - Discounts: Traditionally, the total yearly discounts should not exceed  10/15% of net sales in a multilabel environment and the total discounts should not exceeding 25/30% of net sales in a mono brand environment.
Check that your stock does not represent more than 2/4 months of sales (possibly less if you bring fresh goods every week/every month).


1.We take the time to understand the operational and expense side of your retail business.

a.Semi Annual Break Even analysis
b.Cash flow
c.Dashboard to monitor KPIs
d.Annual Profit Potential Worksheet
e.Annual SWOT-POP (Problems, Objectives and Priorities) to redefine objectives and goals

#Retail - Treat your stock with Respect!


As we look back on 25 years' experience in stock or inventory management / open to buy both in the USA, Europe with over 400 clients, we realise that many Brands or Retailers fail to properly recognise the importance of the stock in improving sales, profits and customer traffic. 

As a multilabel store, your Cost Of Good Sold (COGS) could represent 40 to 55% of your net sales.
As a mono Brand store, your COGS could represent 15 to 35% of net sales.
And yet, many Retail events will not discuss how you can do a better buying.

Let us tell you a little story:

Online Audit Questionnaire

Building a retail business is important today as it is YOUR opportunity to get immediate feedback from consumers who like your Brand.

You also, of course, improve your margin.
You also are able to sell your products all around the world. Isn't that cool!

However, building strong and ongoing traffic and growing profitable sales is not an easy step.

Retail Audit Questionnaire

Building a Retail Business is like a puzzle.

You need all the pieces and they all need to fit together.

By reviewing how you operate the above topics, we have been able in the past to identify profit opportunities in less than 15 minutes.

We can share over 25 years’ international experience and best practice.
You will set up the right foundations from the start.
You will avoid the mistakes made by the competition.

Imagine how much time and money you will save and how much more sales you can make.

How to manage your store? The CEO's dashboard

Our last retail appointments have highlighted a serious issue when dealing with Business Owners.
They do not have a dashboard to look at and therefore they fail to understand what is happening in their business.

On occasion,  they have a dashboard but it is the wrong one (make sure that there is enough critical thinking in the business and therefore the question is "who is coaching or mentoring the top management?" - Call us for advice). 

The purpose of this blog post is not to be THE dashboard you need to implement but it can certainly be a minimum you want to look at.

By sitting down together, we will understand your business, your goals and set up the dashboard in NO MORE THAN 4 HOURS. 
Let's not waste time or money.
Let's not delay taking action as we are never far away from some key months and retail has high fixed expenses from rent, stock and salary.

What should you review every 2 weeks or every month:

HOW TO grow sales online by 300%

Are you planning to set up an online business?
Are you an E-Commerce startup and are you looking to set up the foundations right from the start?
Are you struggling to raise Brand awareness, traffic and sales in your Online Boutique?

Then stay with us on the journey to success and for the new comers increase sales by over 300%. 

After working for over 25 years in the Business of Retail, working as Retail Expert for Who's Next international trade show in Paris as well as delivering every month a merchandise plan to brick and mortar stores as well as Online stores, we can share some of the findings across thousands of case studies.

The Route to Ecommerce success is paved with expensive pitfalls and many mistakes await the unprepared business owner.
By all means, join those who have lost money in the process or take some tips from those who know.

Growing Retail Sales - How to help you in a cost effective way

Are you looking for support, guidance, coaching, mentoring or interim management to grow your business?
Are you looking to grow sales but you do not know where to start?
Are you hesitant about what questions to ask to build your Store or Online Boutique?

We can help.
Review the various options and IF you cannot find the one you want and that give you confidence, please reach out to us.
We will always a solution that fits your budget, goals and the trust that we must build between you and us. We totally understand that.

Reminder: We work very flexibly from face to face (in any country around the world) to online via skype, whatsapp, wechat or equivalent, webinars and even online courses.
We can transfer VERY VALUABLE business of fashion contentfrom just £10.
We even COMMIT to deliver your requested business online content within 15 days OR we pay you the price you would have paid us. You have nothing to worry about.

BEA - How to start Retail with Success


Don't get your Retail business clamped down from day one because you failed to set up a proper and accurate Break Even Analysis (BEA).
This tool is essential to determine how much sales you need to make for the next 12 months.

1.Break down the annual sales into monthly sales and get your sales team to work hard on achieving those sale MONTHLY. Ideally, support them to exceed the target.

RETAIL SEMINAR - London - November 13th


As a retail business owner, you have the Art – you know WHAT to buy or design.

What is sometimes more difficult is understanding the Science part of buying which is HOW MUCH to buy and WHEN to bring the goods in.
Knowing how much to buy and you will reduce discounts & knowing when to bring the goods in and you will increase sales.

If you plan to open a store or if you have a store, online business or pop-up then this interactive seminar on November 13th is for you. 

House of Fraser - The Harrods of the High Street

After challenging times for House of Fraser and a roller coaster ride over the CVA (company voluntary arrangement) which failed, the Department Store went into liquidation.

Mike Ashley, owner of Sports Direct, bought the 59-store House of Fraser and mentioned that HOF would become the Harrods of the High Street.

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