Uruguay XXI - Delivering an export workshop & mentoring sessions

With our partner Paul Griffiths from CEO Mentoring, we will be delivering a workshop on the 7 key factors to grow sales internationally. Delivered in Spanish.

The host, Uruguay XXI, Government Agency for foreign investment in Uruguay and Exports, will also organise 1-2-1 mentoring sessions for selected companies looking to grow further internationally.

We welcome your questions that you can email at
uruguay AT globalfashionmanagement DOT com.

We will tackle with Paul all businesses and focus on companies selling products or services including Fashion and Retail of course.

URUGUAY XXI - Workshop on October 25th 2017
Tel +598 2915 3838
Mentoring sessions take place on October 24th and 25th. Call for details and to subscribe - LIMITED SPACES.

Give me 30 mn advice

As Business management tools and tips are applicable to Fashion, Retail and other industries, the founder of GFM was addressing Furniture exhibitors at Design Junction in London in September 2017.
GFM, CEO Mentoring and Uruguay XXI:

design junction

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