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Imagine you have a Fashion Brand and you want to grow it at Export...
Imagine you have the magic wand to know the Golden Rules to succeed....
Imagine you know the mistakes your competitors have made before you and you can therefore save thousands of euros...

After over 25 years of experience in Europe and the USA with Brands from International Designers Brands to Young Designers and start-ups, we have hundreds of case studies to share. On some issues and opportunities, we even have thousands of case studies.

Today, to be successful, you need to focus on the 6 Ps:
Picture, Product, People, Promotion, Process and Patience and the bonus P is the result of the previous 6: PROFITS!

Picture is about your vision, values, the action plan, the measurable goals, your fashion mapping and knowing your customers …

Product is about being focused on your product offering and having the right product at the right time with the right pricing and margin. You must also track sales and stock by product category.

People is about the power of internal and external resources. Recruit, train and motivate them well. Build partnerships to reach out to more customers, trade buyers, partners and ambassadors

Promotion is about sales & marketing and the need to be visible offline and online. Build a Brand and not just a product.
We all have the same business: we have to identify a prospect, convert it into a client and make it come back for more. Start that exercise constantly and start before you launch a Brand.

Process is about understanding that you cannot grow without more and improved processes. Select and work on the top 20 % of the processes that will deliver 80% of the results. Staff, partners and clients will not trust you unless they know you have a clear process and you deliver it consistently.

Patience is about understanding that building a brand cannot happen in just one season or 1 year. However, your Brand can take up to 30 orders at the first trade show.

Just watch the full video to gain true insight on the above points and associated case studies to understand how you can increase sales 2,3,5 or even 10 times. 
You will also save money by managing projects better.



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We thank the GREEK FASHION / SEPEE (Hellenic Fashion Industry Association) for their interview of GFM Founder Thierry Bayle in their June 2019 magazine.
Read page 28/ 29 of the magazine.

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