Fashion Network - Thierry Bayle Expert at Whos Next Trade Show

As we are buying more regularly, it is the perfect time to rethink the buying strategy and how to best manage the stock in a store or online business.

Fashion Network has interviewed GFM-LFBA Founder, Thierry Bayle to discover that it is imperative for Retailers to change the way they have managed buying and merchandising.

Today, Retailers have realised that they have worked with the wrong logic in mind and not just 20% of them.
It is more like 80% of them! 
Re-Think, Re-Work and you will grow sales, reduce discounts and improve traffic in the store or in the e-commerce business.  

GFM-LFBA Founder was also in the press as he is acting as Retail & Brand Expert for Whos Next trade show in Paris.

Opportunity to gain business insight and have a sounding board, coach and mentor by your side.
He offers 121 meetings and workshop opportunities.

GFM at Whos Next - Expert and Masterclass - Read the article in Fashion Network HERE.


Fashion Network - Publication for Fashion professionals

Enugo - Fashion Brand for the modern woman - Whos Next - Connect as their partnership approach and DNA will surprise many retailers.

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