BBC Radio London News - GFM Founder on BHS closing down

As we face facing difficult situations in the Retail Industry and specifically on the High Street, the founder of GFM has voiced his concerns on the reasons why BHS may have closed down and why so many retailers have gone into liquidation.

Many retail business owners do not get enough business insight on how to better manage the buying and merchandising.

Did you know that from 2010 to 2014, BHS Limited saw the sales go down by 15% while stock went up 50%.
Is that normal?

Now, let's see what Jo Good from BBC Radio London and Thierry Bayle have to say.


Monday April 25th 2016.
Listen to Thierry Bayle on BBC Radio London as he was questioned by Joanne Good.
Jump to the recording at 01:51:15.
Click on the image.

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