Russia 2018 - Gareth Southgate: Own the process!

When you are dealing with top athletes, success is 90% dependent on their state of mind.
Do you have a winning attitude?

England Squad Manager Gareth Southgate at the Russia World Cup knows it well.
In 1996, England had to face Germany for the penalty shoot-out and he missed the goal.

Against Colombia this July 2018, Gareth was able to turn around bad memories and made the England Squad over-perform. Congratulations.
They are on the way to the finals. They will first need to defeat Croatia.

Fashion & Rugby - 6 Nations Tournament

February 2017 marks the start of the The Six Nations Championship.
It is without doubt the world's greatest rugby tournament.
Which countries attend the event each year?
England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales.

Some of the rivalries seem to go back more than 140 years!
Launch date: Saturday February 4th - Scotland vs Ireland in Edinburgh.  

Who do you support?
A key question for us: What do Fashion and Rugby have in common?

Vive l'Euro 2016 - Football & Fashion are alike!

The Euro 2016 UEFA Competition is starting on June 10th 2016.

Hosted by France, it is a perfect opportunity for all Fans and supporters to enjoy themselves and have fun together. Let's never forget what has happened in Paris in November 2015 however let's not this past event dampen our willingness to support our favourite country and football players.

Hopefully the strikes will not make it hard to reach the stadiums!

We are looking forward to sharing a different angle where we will be discussing the business of Football and Fashion.

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