US Presidential Election & Fashion have something in common!

Congratulations to the people of the United States of America who have made their choice for the winning ticket for the Presidential election.

A landmark victory by the number of people who have voted in a Presidential election.

Why discuss this election and what is the link with Fashion? 

Welcome to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as President elect and Vice President elect who will take office in January 2021.

The question we should ask ourselves is:
How far back shoud we start preparing for this winning election? 

How much preparation and time do you need in Fashion before you launch your production, you recruit a sales rep, you launch your e-commerce website, you recruit an intern, web developer, pr company or COO (chief operating officer) ...?

As Clay Johnson was interview on CNN, he reminded us about what he had to do as Executive Director for the Bush 2000 Campaign. 

It all started 16 months before the new President George W. Bush came into office and he understands that Joe Biden would have asked somebody to run the same preparation 8 or 9 months before he would take office at the White House in January 2021.

When you know that and you know it does totally make sense to be properly prepared months ahead, why is it not happening in the Fashion World?

Some Fashion Brands have no clear planning when it comes to when they should design their next collection, launch production, plan their sales and marketing campaigns?
We often see some Brands starting thinking about marketing and selling AFTER the goods land in the warehouse ... 
Does that really make sense? It does of course if you want to underperform.

This is why Clients appreciate our approach as we focus on the end results and do a retro planning. 
When the results deviate from the expected plan, we make corrections every week or every month. That produces positive results each time.

Do you agree with us? Just email us at or Whatsapp us on +44 7951 198 769.

Be safe. Stay safe.


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