Frequently Asked Questions


GFM is an international Fashion business consultancy building on 25 years of experience both in Europe and the USA.
Unlike other consultancy companies, we are working alongside the Management Team and the Operations Team to help you implement the decisions you have taken. 
GFM works with you on Brand strategy, Brand management, stock management and optimisation, Team management both at Retail and Wholesale levels.
See GFM as an extension of your own office or an extension of your own team.
Working with GFM is like having your own top executive for a fraction of the price. It is like having a sounding board for all the important decisions you need to make.

Our job is to help your Fashion brand or Retail operation perform better. We want to help you turn your business at a profit and get the most out of your investment whether your people or your stock. We understand the importance of sales and cash flow and we will set up a road map and dashboard to ensure you move forward in your goals.

In a way, we are the "AA" for any Fashion business. Open every day to help our clients.

New for Young Designers: Fashion Online Courses.


GFM works on a project basis or on a retainer basis. Project base works include for example the search for agents or distributors, the set up of a retailers' database, seminars, workshops or master classes ...
Retainer base works include our VIP Fashion service, our Stock Management / Open To Buy plan service, our Winning@Business™ management process, our consulting services ..
Irrespective of the solution you will adopt, we have different investment options to fit your budget.

At GFM, you will never be locked in a long term contract.
We believe that we have to earn your trust and confidence every 30 days. 
We want you to assess how we do every 30 days and we will make all necessary changes to ensure you remain satisfied with the results.

We believe in honesty and transparency. The same applies to the way we invoice - with flexibility with regards to your specific situation - and the way we work our expenses.

No invoice will be raised without your prior approval.

No expenses will be engaged without your prior approval.

We do not believe in small prints or hidden charges or expenses.
All the fees or reimbursement of expenses are first agreed with you BEFORE they are invoiced.

Our clients have always appreciated that we remain flexible in our invoicing procedure to ensure it fits the client's specific situation.

At GFM, we understand, live and breath Fashion so we do understand that your trade show may be starting on Sunday and you may need advice or a document on Friday or Saturday just before the show. We go the extra mile to ensure you are ready for your challenges and ready to build Brand value with your buyers, consumers and partners.

We want to make sure that we always work on a task and a deadline to get progress in the organisation.

You are right. In general, before we start, let us know any issue or concern you have. Request our "Satisfaction Guaranteed" label. We will happily implement it and you will be reimbursed if you are not fully satisfied.

We do not want to let you down and there is a follow up on ALL our products and services. 
Call us one month or one year later to fine tune something you have not understood.

GFM has gained its experience from working with more established Brands such as Alberta Ferretti, Calvin Klein, DKNY, DVF, Kenzo, Monnalisa, Moschino, Parah, Paule Ka, Smalto, Versace ... and many small to medium Fashion brands and Retailers.

Today, we have the tools, the processes, the contacts and the Management expertise to help Young Designers build a global Brand and implement best practice from the start.

We can help you set up the vision for the business, write the business plan, establish the various partnerships, attend the first trade show or pick up the first agent.

Just imagine the benefits for your business, your peace of mind and your cash flow to understand the golden rules to implement from season 1, to understand the mistakes to avoid from the beginning and therefore get an immediate learning curve.

This is a non exhaustive list of services we deliver to Young Designers and Start Ups
- Seminars, workshops and masterclass
- Identify the right buyers, connect and convert them
- Taking appointments with buyers (prior to a trade show or not )
- Trade show preparation & support including joining them at the show
- Set up of the business plan and financial forecast
- SWOT analysis
- Staff training
- Handling of the social media platform (twitter, facebook... from £50/ month )

Clients include
Akong London, Chantal Simard, Harlow and Fox, Jianhui London, Jolonte Vous, ...

NEW 2018 Q4 - GFM Academy for Young Designers
The GFM Academy is an online Fashion Business Training platform full of business content that you will not find elsewhere in one single location.
It was compiled over more 25 years both in Europe and the USA with all Fashion stakeholders.
All qualified Young Designers registering their interest before March 31st 2019 will benefit the introductory offer: a 50% discount from the normal price .

They will also benefit from a pack of extra business tools and tips.


New for Young Designers: Fashion Online Courses.




GFM focuses on the business side of Fashion.
We have a unique field experience with
- all the Fashion stakeholders (brand, agents, distributors, boutiques, department stores, manufacturers, investors, banks, trade shows, PR companies, logistics companies, credit management companies...) and
- the various functions in your company (management, sales, marketing, production, quality control, Finance, HR ...).

As we also work on management and processes, feel free to discuss people issues, time management issues.
We also give insight on how to better manage a family business. Due to our international experience in a multicultural environment, we have the ability to think outside the box.