Working with a 360° holistic approach & constant operations improvement state of mind

Brand Management

GFM works alongside the Business owners, the Designer, the investors and Operations Team to build a global Brand.

We bring over 25 years' experience in the business of Fashion to ensure you remain focused on the Design of your collection and we can help you on the rest.

We have the expertise, the international network, the management tools, the procedures and the growing numbers of contacts (agents, distributors, manufacturers, PR companies, Boutiques, buyers...) to ensure we built up a clear vision and goals for your business.

As operations improvement specialists, we ensure your Team and projects perform better.
Clients see us a Growth and Change Accelerator.

Mentoring - I need a mentor

Nobody knows it all!

As the world becomes more complex and ever changing at a pace never known before, it is becoming extremely challenging for a CEO, a Designer and senior executives to embrace the new world.

Building a Fashion Brand successfully requires a vision, general management expertise, leadership skills as well as sales, marketing, financial, human resource, wholesale, retail, international, production, buying, supply chain ...expertise together with an understanding of key markets like the USA, Europe, India, Asia, Japan...

At GFM, we act as mentor to provide expert advice from strategy to execution.
We work with the Designer, CEO and the Management Team and we train senior executives as well as front line staff.

If you are unclear about

  • how to set up the business or give it a fresh new start,
  • how to set up the strategy and action plan for the next 12 months to 3 years,
  • how to write the business plan, be invest ready and get funding,
  • how to build export in a specific country (be Brexit proof),
  • how to recruit, train and motivate the best talents for the business,
  • how to optimise sales and marketing & be more knowledgeable,
  • how to get the most from trade shows, agents, distributors, social media or PR activities
  • how to set up or manage a retail business or e-commerce web site ...,

then we need to talk.
Remember we do not just give you advice, we join you in execution.

Let us show you for example 
How to get 30 orders at your first trade show?
We will built the database, connect with buyers, take appointments, join you at the show and do the follow up. In addition, we can search for the agents or distributors. The worldwide database is available.

Furthermore, we have set up a partnership with Advisory & Mentoring (previously known as CEO Mentoring) who provides premium mentoring, experts and Advisory Teams services to CEOs and senior executives.

Thanks to a group of over 100+ mentors around the world and many more subject matter experts, our partner and GFM can help you increase sales and profitability and set up the foundations for a stronger business.

Know more about Advisory & Mentoring
Advisory & Mentoring has set up a £ 50 000 funding programme to support Fashion Start Ups and SMEs. To discover whether you can benefit from the Mentor's Programme, connect with us by phone or by email.