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RETAIL VIDEO - How to manage your discounts

Who is the biggest thief in your boutique or online business/ pop-up?
Your discounts or markdowns.

So why not dedicate enough time to understand, manage and control them?

This video will tell you more how much they represent and what are the 2 steps you need to take.

1. Know your markdown percentage (total discounts/ net sales) and compare it to the competition
2. Even if your discounts are low, are you turning the goods into cash quickly enough.

The Art and Science of Buying

In light of what has happened on the High Street with BHS, it is important to re-emphasise that we are having a key retail asset which is not taken care of.

At BHS Limited from 2010 to 2014, sales went down 15% and stock went up by 50%.
Is that normal?

What is the issue faced by many retailers from large chain stores to independent retailers: Buying!

As you are placing orders for the SS or AW season, you must be having the following 2 questions in mind:

How can I make this buying process easier?
How can I maximise my profits on the stock I am buying – which is my number 1 asset?

Let’s focus on 2 key elements which will help you put more £ / € or $ in your pocket. Guaranteed!
You have the art of buying and you know what to buy, you now need to have the science part of buying which is “how much to buy” and “when to bring it in”.
Answering those questions as accurately as possible will put you ahead of your competitors and increase revenue while reducing stock.
So, what do you need to do to achieve better results when managing your stock?

How to control the amount of markdowns you are giving away?

The new buying season has started and it will be going on for another few weeks.

But let's focus on selling.

Do you know how much markdowns (in value) you have given away to clients this season?
Do you know how much markdowns (in value) you have given away to clients last year?

If you don't then something is wrong in the business.
Discounts/markdowns are the biggest thieves in the store.

Let's understand and manage them well.

10 Top Tips for Reducing Discounts

When you have more items on sale rails than on the rest of the floor, there are a number of things you can do, however, rolling your eyes and blaming the increasingly unpredictable British weather shouldn't be one of them.  

The only rolling going on should be you rolling up your sleeves and taking serious action.  If you want to make more money from your stock, it's time to start working in a different way.

Please note that the comments below refer to a multilabel store however the logic applies to all mono brand stores.

Are you turning your back to heavy discounting? - Drapers

Discounting has been a hot topic in the trade press for quite some time.
In the UK, Trade Magazine Drapers has investigated the issue and recently the question was:
Is the tide turning on discounting?

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After over 25 years working with Retailers from branded store, multilabel store, online business and pop ups and delivery a second to non merchandise plan every month to our clients, we can share with you the following:

How to get +43% in gross profit?

As we are starting 2017, how can we best prepare the best results for ending SS 2017 and the full year results?
Let's share the results that one of our client had last year.

We are open to all your questions to help you grow or turn around the business.
Open when you are!
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Here are the results that the client had in July 2016 and compared to the results he got in 2015. 

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