#GFM Challenge - How to win in 2019 - JUST READ


In 2018, many Brands and Retailers we talked to have been complaining that, too often,  they had been receiving the wrong advice.

As the industry is becoming more complex and unpredictable ...
As nobody knows it all and sometimes we don't know what we don't know...

The question is:
Where can we find somebody we can trust?

This is where the #GFMChallenge is going to be your solution to beat the competition and grow in 2019.

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What is the new role of the Sales person in a store in 2019?

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Let's make sure we meet at Who's Next (January & September sessions) to discuss your Retail business and/or Brand. 

The Founder of GFM is acting as Retail Expert at Fashion Solutions / Retail Expert Club at Who's Next.

WHOS NEXT is THE International Trade Show offring Buyers and Exhibitors the opportunity to gain business insight for free by working alongside Retail/Brand Experts.

Before our meeting, discover our business insight on what should be 

the new role of the sales person in your store in 2019 (and beyond)!

Come Back From the Show With Orders and an Agent!

If you're planning to exhibit at a trade show in the next few weeks and you're also looking for a sales agent, take a look at our checklist and get some top tips.  Our suggestions are all tried and tested (we've been doing this for 25 years) and are based on talking to brands and agents at all the major tradeshows.  Obviously we've also had many discussions with both groups over the years: during the initial search and once the agent/brand relationship is well underway ... or over. 

Finding and working with agents is something we could talk about at some considerable length, but for this checklist we've tried to keep this short, so here are the key points to bear in mind as you get ready for your show:

Workshops to grow Retail & Wholesale Sales

Today, as the business is becoming more complex and nobody knows it all, it is paramount for retailers and brands to benefit from support and assistance to cover many business questions they have.

Who's Next Tradeshow has spotted this need from Retailers many years ago and launched the RETAIL EXPERT CLUB. 
After a few years, it was obvious that 40 to 50% of the attendees and private meetings were requested by Brand owners.
The concept changed and was named FASHION SOLUTIONS. 

Today any visitor, exhibitor, Brand or Retailer can attend interactive and business insightful workshops free of charge. In addition, they can also have an individual session with an Expert against a nominal fee (€50).
GFM Founder is one of the Brand and Retail Expert for the show.

Free & Great Offer every day this week!

GFM delivers the Business of Fashion with Honesty and Transparency to ensure tyou build a serious and profitable business now and not later. There is too much at stake for you to lose if you do not get truthful advice and critical thinking.

Every day of this month and year from Friday December 28th 2018 to Monday December 31st 2018, we will be offering a free 1 hour Advice Session to discuss your opportunities and challenges.

Check our @RetailFashion Twitter account.

The Art and Science of Buying

In light of what has happened on the High Street with BHS, it is important to re-emphasise that we are having a key retail asset which is not taken care of.

At BHS Limited from 2010 to 2014, sales went down 15% and stock went up by 50%.
Is that normal?

What is the issue faced by many retailers from large chain stores to independent retailers: Buying!

As you are placing orders for the SS or AW season, you must be having the following 2 questions in mind:

How can I make this buying process easier?
How can I maximise my profits on the stock I am buying – which is my number 1 asset?

Let’s focus on 2 key elements which will help you put more £ / € or $ in your pocket. Guaranteed!
You have the art of buying and you know what to buy, you now need to have the science part of buying which is “how much to buy” and “when to bring it in”.
Answering those questions as accurately as possible will put you ahead of your competitors and increase revenue while reducing stock.
So, what do you need to do to achieve better results when managing your stock?

How to calculate the duty on your goods


As you are planning to exhibit in a foreign trade show in Europe or the USA, you may want to offer the buyer a price list which includes duty.

Are we right thinking that?

If you wish to build a growing business and giving the right signals from the start to Buyers, Agents and other stakeholders WITHOUT having a price list that includes duty then you are wrong.

Snackable Content -The new format in marketing

Around 60% of the social media content is watched on a mobile device.
All snackable content,a short content not exceeding 3/6/10 or 15 seconds, must be mobile friendly.

Many marketers want the content to be digestable and delicious!
How is yours?
Since our attention span is short, this approach does make sense to catch the viewer's attention and get him hooked to your Brand or message.

BEA - How to start Retail with Success


Don't get your Retail business clamped down from day one because you failed to set up a proper and accurate Break Even Analysis (BEA).
This tool is essential to determine how much sales you need to make for the next 12 months.

1.Break down the annual sales into monthly sales and get your sales team to work hard on achieving those sale MONTHLY. Ideally, support them to exceed the target.

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